5.19.08 show

posted by dustin (the Boston Celtics fan)

A quote from Lou Ruggieri: "Whoever wrote that is my new favorite person."

That's me! And the thing Lou is referring to were the Lou facts that were posted Sunday night. Booyah!

Ok, now we've gotten past my gluttony and pride. And today was the debut of one, Ryan Stewart, branded "Radio Gold" by one generous caller. Was he gold? We couldn't tell at the beginning of the show: Lino and Lou kept cutting off his microphone, which was highly amusing: I wish they would have done that to Maureen more often.

You could tell that Stewart was a little nervous, but by the end of the show, 'Radio Gold' had gotten comfortable and let a little bit of the personality show. I think he'll be a much better producer than Maureen, just because he'll actually mail out prizes. I know we laughed about that, but how unprofessional can you be to not mail prizes? Geepers. But God bless you Maureen: we'll always love you!

The rest of the week should be entertaining: I think with Lou fully back in his normal spot, the show will definitely have some memorable moments.

Or it could suck. Guess we'll find out :)

I won't be around on Tuesday and Wednesday to post reliable show recaps: my sister is visiting from Wyoming, and since Wednesday is her birthday, I'll probably only catch a little bit of the show late in the evening. Hopefully Dan, Doug in Kansas or Father Chern can pick up my slack.

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