Young females react to Mo's Leaving(quittin)

The above drawing was made for Maureen after hearing about her leaving (quitting) the show. The drawing shows how she felt. I spelled out the top lines. The words on the side are her own. She wanted to show Maureen she did know how to spell some words. My profile picture is also has relevance to Maureen. It is another drawing my 5 year old daughter made upon hearing it was Maureen Birthday. A think a lot of little girls (and women) found a role model in Maureen. She was able to spar daily with Lino, yet, still held onto her femininity side. My girls are heart broken about her departure. Not all react the same way though. For instance, my older daughter when hearing the younger wanted to send Maureen something asked if I would give her Maureen email address so she could send her a message. Hear is what she sent:
Dear Maureen,
You suck! ha ha! I am 11 years old and like the show and i am very angry with You!!!
You were the only woman on the show! Maybe you quit because Lino made fun of you but who cares he has a big nose, You could just tease him back! Hope you have fun on public radio,NOT! No one listens to that since Sirius satellite radio.

Doug's daughter

P.s. I'll miss your laugh! :(
I have no idea where she get her attitude from. My initial reaction was shock and laughter. I am sending Maureen a note of apology but I hope she does understand that her departure from the show was felt deeply by some.

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  1. The nose part just made this day a beautiful one.