Devil Don't Like Sirius 159 Video

By Doug INK
I am not imitating dustin or being lazy by posting a video instead of a blog. But this video is my blog and tribute to the best radio out there Sirius 159.
This is the youtube link

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5 Responses to Devil Don't Like Sirius 159 Video

  1. DOUG - That was one of the funniest and disturbing things I've seen on You Tube. I thought I spent a lot of time writing my blog post - can't imagine how long that took. I was so frightened at the end that I was going to be the one "Satan" thought was "desperate for work"

    AWESOME JOB - you should be working for Sirius 159 - outrageous! I don't know what you have to do with my Catholic Religion!

  2. That's the best video I've seen since I saw the showbiz pizza animatronic characters play Lithium by Evanescence.

    "I have enough people at NPR."

    WOW, zing!!!!

    LOL, if this doesn't get mentioned on the show, I don't know what will!

  3. Doug INK says:

    Thanks , I can’t take total credit for the idea. A old college bud showed me a similar clip mocking our rival university. I knew as I was watching it that I was going to do something similar for our blog. Initially, I was going to make it taunting the Catholic Taliban. Thankful, after telling my wife my idea, she correctly pointed out that would be a little harsh. Satan, therefore became the next step.
    It did cause me to lose a few hours of shut eye. Now as I watch it again in a clearer frame of mind, I am disapointed that I missed several spelling errors. (But really, isn’t that signature Doug INK). I was/am also a little nervous that I offended some of the Catholic Channel crew with some of my jabs. Did I go to far? Common sense sometimes doesn’t prevail when sleep deprived. I truly did mean for it to be a tribute and a complement to the people of Sirius 159. I didn’t think it would be the Devil’s way to give God credit for all the channel is accomplishing. I just hoped viewers would understand the theme ----- God can do great things beyond our expectations.
    However, your positive reaction along with others has eased some of this anxiety.


  4. I used to think I should go in and correct the spelling on your posts, but you are right, Doug in Kansas: your misspelled words are endearing :)

    I don't think anybody was offended. It could have been much meaner, but I thought the jokes were spot on.

    You've definitely motivated me to keep making this blog fun to read!