Resignation letter contest

Also, keep in mind that you can participate in 'The Catholic Guy' contest by writing Maureen's resignation letter. Send that letter to for a fabulous prize!

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1 Response to Resignation letter contest

  1. Dear Lino,

    I hate you and I resign. I never want to work with you again. You make fun of me all day and your breath stinks up the studio. Worst, I actually am sick. I’m sick of working on this dumb show as it dominates all of my time; Time I could otherwise not work!

    But, most of all, Lino: Your assessment of me as a bad Catholic is unfounded and hurtful. Do you remember when Christ told us “let the children come to me, do not encumber them”? Well, you, and your mocking and joking and put-downs have been an encumbrance to this child finding The Lord. Shame on you, Lino.

    Finally, the last straw was when you stuck me on phone answering duties after Tom Flatchone left. Those ‘sick’ days; those were job interview days. I was sick of you. And strived to reach my little piece heaven: That land of milk and honey -NPR studios.

    That’s right, Lino! And I’ll be producing “The Public Girl” at NPR. And you, well, you’re still (just) the Catholic Guy looking for a producer.


    Maureen MacMurphy

    P.S. I stole your catechism and you aren’t “get-en” it back; ill never date you and Rome was pretty cool, thanks for that.
    P.S.S If you can’t understand any part of this, ask Gus to read it to you.