Tuesday's Show

I thought Tuesday's show was great (I've said that about every show this week, but trust us, we'll rip into an episode if need be). I like that Lino was able to turn Frank Baum's death into a great spiritual lesson about doing something that lives on, that impacts people's lives in a positive way.

Also great (self promotion) was the fact that Lino did have positive things to say about Linofans.com, and this blog, dropping names and whatnot. It felt good to be appreciated.

I just wish fans would be a little nicer to Maureen. It's funny when Lino does it, but I think some listeners take that as a green light to rip into Maureen any way possible. "Oh yeah, Lino does it, so it must be ok." However, Lino has a deft touch when it comes to comedy, something that not everyone else is able to do, and the insults come off as just that... insulting.

I know, I sound like a big mean camp counselor on this one, but it is mildly upsetting to see such a good person being dragged through the mud. Joking is fine, just don't take it too far.

Allright, back to fun blogging, since I am not having to work tomorrow (I got called in today, and you guessed it: BluMunkee did NOT work, making my evening hectic and tragic all at once), I am going to try to live-blog the show tomorrow. We won't do it for every show, but this one has meaning: our favorite producer Maureen is leaving us.

See everyone tomorrow: as for me, its a Pastrami-Roast Beef sandwich with a touch of A1 Bold n Spicy, American cheese and spinach leaves, and then bed.

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