YouTube reaction to Lino and Bill O’Reilly

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As of right now, a clip from Wednesday’s Catholic Guy Show where Lino and Lou were goofing on the Bill O’Reilly Inside Edition meltdown tape has been viewed a little over 2,000 times on YouTube.

While it’s always cool to have a fresh crop of Catholic Guy virgins (hmm…) exposed (hmm again) to the show, YouTube does seem to attract a bizarre crop of folk.

Here are some of the comments that have been left on the video so far. Grammatical errors, unclear statements, and anti-Catholic bigotry have been left as-is for the sake of honesty and comedy:

These gusy are right: sin is awful; and not just the glaring, sexual sins. But their amusement at this supposedly awful thing is nearly as disturbing as the sin itself. Ha ha -- look at O'Reilly dishonor God and disobey His ways. Isn't that a hoot! These guys' response is really weird. God grieves at men's disobedience; it cost Jesus His life. Every one of us is as guilty as Bill O because we all have sinned in many ways. That includes taking pleasure and glee in the failings of others.
- sjplwc

I doubt O’Reilly purposely meant to “dishonor God” and I seriously doubt the “gusy” at the show would find it funny if he did.

All of the hate that Bill O'Reilly puts forth every evening, and you dredge up a recording of him getting angry and cursing at work 10 years ago as an example of "sin"?!?! That about sums up the Catholic viewpoint as I've experienced it in this lifetime. But, hey, I've been lucky--I didn't live any other life that I can recall--a life that the Catholic Church unjustly punished or tortured or beat or raped or killed--all sins, by the way, that the church gave itself the power to commit! Peace.
- nauort23

Wow, way to take the whole bit out of context! If this poster listened to the entire clip, I think it’s pretty obvious that Lino was playing it not as “an example of sin,” but simply because it’s funny. But it seems this person doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, since most of the their comment has nothing to do with Lino or O’Reilly but is just good ol’ fashioned Catholic bashing. Ah yes, the liberating power of having an anonymous YouTube username!

Apparently you've never been inside a television studio before. Let me educate you. It is very unprofessional to write something like "Play us out" on the teleprompter. People get fired for crap like that. He had every right to get angry. Advertisers don't pay millions of dollars to fund shows that are crap. That person was going to undermine the show with his/her stupidity. So, until you've acquired your EMC degree... you're the moron.
- dv122

I’m not sure who the “you” is that’s supposed to be the moron. The stagehand? The other comment writers? The person who put up this video? I guess I won’t be able to understand anyway unless I get my “EMC” degree.

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2 Responses to YouTube reaction to Lino and Bill O’Reilly

  1. Looks like I'll never be able to poke fun at anyone again, (no more home movie night with the grandparents!) as the sin that reeks forth from my catholic faith will be too rampant for me to ever enjoy life again.

    Wow. Drudging up sins from people who used the faith to undermine their own ways? I guess since I'm a man, and other men have committed murder in the past, then I should curse my gender.

  2. Also, O'Reilly is good-natured about all of this, here is his video response: