Clip: Father Jim calls out Lino

By Dan @

Father Jim calls out Lino Rulli about the priesthood - 5/30/08

What good is a 54 day novena anyway? ;-)

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5 Responses to Clip: Father Jim calls out Lino

  1. DAN the MAN of LINO FANS -

    Thanks for uploading that - I'm still clueless on how to be able to do that (and according to Lino on many other things as well) - I'm sure some of the Montclair State University Newman Catholic Campus Ministry will be happy to hear that.

  2. My wife let me do only a nine day novena before I got to decide, on my married vocation. Lino had way more time.

  3. I wish I knew how to upload clips as well. Something tells me I need a Stilleto instead of the Kenwood Sirius Plug n Play from 2003 that I still have (that's right, someone who got Sirius before Howard showed up!)

    Great clip!

  4. So...the man who is "called to the single life" has a date tomorrow night...? What's up with that?