A Hard Knock Mass

Since I have not made the full conversion to Catholicism (still awaiting RCIA, but I'll bet The Catholic Channel has made me a bit more knowledgeable than my peers), during Eucharist I cross my arms and receive a blessing from the priest.

I think our Father at my parish must be a Lakers fan that read my praises for Boston, because instead of the light touch that is normally given on top of my head, I received a hard knock instead.

Not very painful, thank God, but I think he was hoping to go Rocky Marciano on me.

Who knew that our priest and my ex-girlfriends had that in common?

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1 Response to A Hard Knock Mass

  1. It wasn't about the Celtics, it was your fan-dom for the Red Sox.

    I had to let him know since all us priests know each other. Told him to knock that Red Sox crap out of your head