Lou, Love and Faith

By Doug INK

It was revealed today that our man Lou is in a relationship. Lino asked a few creepy personal questions. Hair color? Brunette: Roommate? (Lou told Lino he wouldn't want to go there). Is she Catholic? Lou said her parents were, she's not sure. Lino also questioned Lou what the girl thought of him working on The Catholic Channel. Lou said she asked questions about it and sometimes he even has the answers. In typical Lino shtick, Lino thought it was a strange conversation to have on a date, and warned Lou not to put it into practice.
This date is special to me. 16 years ago on this day, I went on a blind date set up by my brother and his girlfriend/future wife. (I'm actually, not that good with sentimental dates but it was my bro's birthday, so I remember). We had a great time. Made the Chuck Woolerly "Love Connection" and decided to have another date. 2nd date.......5 pm Saturday Mass, dinner and a movie. Lino likes to mock and joke about Catholic friends and couples who involve their faith in dating. For example, he had a buddy who proposed in a Eucharistic Adoration chapel . I can tell you this after 14 years of marriage , 5 kids, many highs and some lows, that faith has carried us through it all. That second date sealed the deal for me. There is an intimacy beyond anything physical that you can share with a person when you pray together. I often find it strange the amount of couples who enjoy the "embrace" but cannot pray together. Testifying to the fact that prayer is one of the most intimate acts.

I debated whether to post the above picture. Didn't want to come across as the proud family guy. (Though I am). But I realized that in a non creepy way, I am very curious what Christine looks like. Of course, now I fear that I sound arrogant. As if I am on the same plain as Christine. As if anyone care about what I look like. No it's not that at all. I just wanted to prove to our readers I do take pictures without a beer in my hand ;-)

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8 Responses to Lou, Love and Faith

  1. D.I.K.

    well that picture definitely seemed to be an attack on my recent awarding to Dan "blog post of the month" (LOL) -

    What a beautiful family and a beautiful, faithfilled (and real) reflection on the vocation of matrimony!

    Thanks for sharing. My hopes for Lou, Ryan and of course Lino (and come to think of it - every one of us reading this) that they too experience the joy of finding what God is calling them too and actually doing it.

    I am a Happy Catholic Priest - and it's great to read the posts of a Happy Catholic Husband...

    May each of us pray the prayer that our Archbishop John J Myers offers for vocations "LORD HELP ME TO WANT TO BE WHAT YOU WANT ME TO BE"

    Fr Jim

  2. Doug INK says:

    Thanks Father for the encouraging words. I often struggle with how deep should a post get. I mean, you're the preacher of the group ;-) But I know, as I'm sure you do, the joy one feels when living your vocation to the fullest.

  3. That second date sealed the deal for me.

    Well, usually when people "seal the deal" on a date, that usually means they'll have to go to confession. But I think I know what you really meant. :-)

    I'm surprised you revealed what you look like. I always thought those censored photos of you on your Myspace were hilarious. (The ones with you and me make me look like I'm on an episode of "Cops.")

    You have a beautiful family, and you're very blessed to have a wife like Jackie. I could tell she was a very special person when I met her in NY.

    By the way, I'm always thankful for that trip I was able to make to New York. I got to meet you, Lino, and Father Jim: three men who were strangers to me just not too long ago but have turned into my biggest supporters in my vocation.

    I really mean this and and not just kissing butt: I really hope that, if God ultimately calls me to be a priest, I can be even half a good spiritual father as you seem to be a natural father for your family.

    - Dan

  4. I can't top what Dan said. But I hope that God blesses me with a family as wonderful as yours.

  5. Doug INK says:

    Awe...gee.....shucks, guys you are too kind. Just tried to put some Lino induced thoughts down.
    I have often thought it is neat how we inspire each other in different way. It is awesome how Father Jim has been a priest for 9 years. I am amazed that Dan has taken that faithfilled step toward priesthood. dustin inpires me to embrace my Catholic faith more......have I taken for granted what I have, yet, dustin wants? Well, that was the reader's digest version of a post I was considering. However, it seemed appropriate now.
    As far as the picture goes. I considered putting a beer bottle for my head but didn't for several reasons. 1)The Celtics were making a run. 2)My new laptop's photo software sucks. (Any suggestions where I can find a cheap (free) photoshop type software.

  6. Doug INK says:

    Oh yeah just to cover all the bases. Dan, your are totally correct on what you said about my wife :-)

  7. Doug, are you using a mac or PC? IF you are using a mac (the best way), I can "loan" a copy of Photoshop CS or 7.0 to you.

  8. Doug INK says:

    PC with Vista. Lots of problems there. It seems every early version of windows software has a glitch when working with Vista.