A Married Guy's thoughts on Chastity

By Doug INK

Feeling some guilt over my previous post poking a little fun at the technical problems of the Friday show, I felt it necessary to post positive. The fact is the shows material and the show itself was excellent. Perhaps, the fact that none of the listeners were able to call in may have helped.

One of the segments that I enjoyed was chastity speaker Ryan Evert. Why would a married man care about that you may ask? ........Well, even if you didn't that's what this post is about so keep reading. Because as a Catholic currently practicing NFP there are times when I too must be chaste. Currently in the missed of one such run. No "embracing" right now more like "firm handshaking". (Yes, I realize that there might be a self gratification joke in there but as Lou would say don't go there :P). Of course my celibate co-contributers may disregard this burden I am now carrying but I ask, when's the last time you changed a diaper?

Keeping with the tradition of most Catholics today, my wife and I did not initially practice the Church's teaching on birth control. But slowly we both felt compelled to turn every aspect of our lives over to the Lord. I can honestly say this. Once we did, the strength of our marriage grew proportionately. Jason Evert spoke of non physical intimacy. A truly important aspect to any great marriage. My wife knows and believes that I am committed to her beyond what just give me pleasure. (And believe me, her too, baby !! :-). All kidding aside, chaste periods force you as a couple to reach new levels of communication , commitment and respect.

Following Lino's example of honesty, I would like to share another of the "fruits" of allowing God into all aspects of our life. After having 3 children, we were told that it would be basically impossible for us to have anymore. This sadden us as both my wife and I came from larger Catholic families and we had the same thoughts for our family . We put alot of this to prayer and felt God calling us to adopt. My wife had her heart set on a baby girl. I had no preference. However, God had different plans. He put it on our hearts to adopt a 2 year old boy from China. My wife put her dreams of a baby girl on hold. We were home with our new son for less then a week when my wife found out she was pregnant. Eight months later she gave birth to the baby girl. Life is really neat if you start trusting God more. (That was an cliff notes version of our story, anyone interested in more can check out our journal:

http://www.myladybugjournal.com/bitzHOME.html - the May 22 post is pretty cool. It is of the day we received him. Click on the video link in the upper right corner)

Anyways, these were some of the thoughts that crossed my mind as I listen to Friday's show.

OH, BTW, Here is the entire Ryan Evert interview, enjoy :-)

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5 Responses to A Married Guy's thoughts on Chastity

  1. Great read Doug in Kansas. Nice to get the married guy's perspective on chastity

  2. Thanks for that post Doug... awesome reading, and I can't tell you how many people I've met who were told they "couldnt have children" who have some little people running around today who'd like to disagree.

    Oh, and the last diaper I changed was my goddaughter & niece about a week ago... thanks for asking - lol

  3. oskiwow says:

    incredible. Lino is live today.

  4. Anonymous says:

    his name is Jason Evert btw ;-)

  5. Good post, Doug! BTW, "Ryan," "Jason"... close enough. :-)