My sparse posts

Sorry I haven't been posting very frequently this week. Bad incident with family yesterday that I'll save you from hearing (because we here are all about Lino, not me!). But hopefully within the next day or so, i'll be back on my feet. Thanks for being patient!

And on a side note, Lino ditching us without warning was just plain mean. Taking a day off is fine, but cutting out on us in the middle of a show smacks of just plain mean.

Hopefully Lino will at least apologize to us and not pull this type of stunt for a long time from now. Even if he had to catch a flight, he could have mentioned it...not all listeners check this blog, and I'm sure some of us would like to know so we could ask St. Joseph for safe travel for Lino (yes, RCIA classes are working!)

God bless you Lino...we forgive you, even when we are angry with you.

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