Need your advice: Should be gonzo?

For those of you who have been sharp enough to notice that the blog entries at and are eerily similar, don’t worry -- there’s no plagiarism going on. We set it up that way.

Since I’m leaving in a few weeks, I’ve pretty much set up to run on autopilot, having it automatically update with content from

I think it’s cool that Lino has two fan sites devoted to him, even though they have essentially the same content. In fact, I wish there were a lot more Lino fan sites. The more promotion and internet attention for Lino, the better. And let’s be honest: The more websites devoted to him, the happier Lino will be.

But, at the same time, Lino’s always been generous about promoting in the past, and I don’t want our Catholic Guy to feel pressured that he has to now promote both sites. I don’t want Lino to feel like one website owner will feel left out if he mentions one site and not the other.

There’s pros and cons to both sites. Since is run on an actual web server, there’s designs and features I can put on there that we can’t put on On the other hand, is easier for readers to interact with, and it would be simpler to have one central site.

It seems a little redundant to have two websites with pretty much the same stuff on both. But splitting the websites and having mutual exclusive content on each would seem counterproductive and could spark egos and competition.

I recently renewed the domain until June 2009, so the web address itself will be around for at least another year. Even if I do close, I’ll have it forward to

Anyway, I know this isn’t a big problem, but for those us who renounce marriage, family, and social lives for the sake of Lino fan website dorkdom, this can be a major dilemma! Ultimately, I want to do what’s best to promote Lino and the show, as well as entertain and inform the fans while we’re at it.

Your suggestions and ideas would be appreciated!

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3 Responses to Need your advice: Should be gonzo?

  1. Wish I had an answer for you. But me starting puts me at a huge conflict of interest on this one.

    Hope you are able to pray and figure out what to do.

  2. Doug INK says:

    I think there are some aspects of linofans that I would hate to see go. First, it is neat to hear all the mock and roll friday songs. Another thing about this blog is that people seem apprehensive about commenting. Yet at the myspace linofans, I always enjoyed the topics that people could post and comment on. I would like to see some way that we could get more fan input. But maybe not every fan is as intense as us freaks ;)

  3. You're right, DIK, nobody is nearly as intense as us.. and that's good for them! :-)