Wants, Oughts and Love

This is an open blog to the whiners, complainers and tattle talers who read this blog. I wanted to use a word that rhymes with richer but ...... . It reminds me of when my kids are fighting. MOM DAD, HE/SHE DID THIS WHAA....WHAA. LINO THEIR NOT BLOGGING ENOUGH WhAA....WhAAA. If there are complaints or criticism to be had here send them our way. Our emails are listed. Don't email Lino. Better yet use that time spent emailING and make a comment or two.

Do I think this site could use more entries? Yes. I look forward to all the new blogs. Unfortunately, we bloggers have lives to live, jobs to do, beer to drink. I realize that the last thing has nothing to do with the show but you know that all work and no play makes Doug no fun thing.

Would I enjoy listening to 3 hours of "live" Lino everyday? Heck, yes. Would I like to blog everyday? Yeah!!!. Is is realistic? NOOOO!!!

My life is frought with the constant struggle between what I want to do and what I ought to do. A few years back I had the opportunity to buy into another business similar to one I already owned. I wanted to do it so bad. What a great opportunity. More $. More prestige in my industry. UMMM, less time with family, better chance of missing some important events. I knew what I wanted but I chose what I should have and hoped to get a similar opportunity later. The same scenerio on a smaller scale happens daily with this blog. Short term, the dividends of blogging are more rewarding. But how about 5, 10, 20 years down the road? How long will this fun run of TCGS last? I seriously think Lino doesn't eat fruits or vegatable because of his commitment issues. Can Lino really commit to buying green bananas? Will he still be here when they ripen? If and when this Catholic Guy journey ends I will be saddened. But my first commitments are my family and my job. Sadly, I can't say my thoughts often don't follow the same hierarchy . I honestly have way to much Lino on the brain. It seems I'm constantly trying to figure out how to incorporate what I've heard into a blog. It's just hard to find the time to put them down.

I want to tie this all in with one final thought. Lino mentioned that he told a woman that he loved her. Love is way to over used. Love is not a feeling. Love is an action, a decision . If Jesus would have came to earth and said, "I love you" but never acted on it, we wouldn't be saved. If I tell my wife and family I love them but constantly choose contrary activities, such as blogging, are my words believable? Lino claims this relationship won't work because of distance. I agree with what Lou said. There are reasons and there are excuses. That's an excuse. An old joke goes...... a wife said, "My husband always says he'd die for me but he never proves it!!" I try to die for my family everyday. I fail often. And when I know I have disappointed them it hurts. More then the criticism of strangers. That just get's me PO'd.

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4 Responses to Wants, Oughts and Love

  1. I liked the picture of you as a donkey better :-) Hope I didn't PO you.

  2. Doug - as always a terrific post...

    I've been having my only TCGS meltdown - my Sirius S50 (second one by the way) is malfunctioning and probably dying. So I can't record and listen whenever I want anymore.

    So I'll probably be looking for a new radio -new docking stations -etc. easily a couple hundred dollars. You'd think this company would make a radio that would last more than a year or so

    Anyway - hopefully once I can save up and make sure they're not coming out with a BETTER stilleto than the one they have now...

  3. Doug INK says:

    Father, I'm on my 3rd stilleto in about a year. Sirius has been good about honoring the warranty. Haven't had to shell out any extra cash. But I don't think their portable can handle how we use them. Working out, moving them from home to vehicle, vehicle to home, falling asleep and laying on them, well okay, that last one is just me.

  4. oskiwow says:

    lino is afraid of commitment.

    to which we should answer,

    "why do you hate God so much?"