Generation Cross on EWTN

I was sitting at home flipping through channels today, and I passed by EWTN. I say passed by because rare is the occasion that I actually watch EWTN. It's not a knock, but angry nuns and quiet music usually isn't my cup of tea.

But the thought occurred to me, what if Lino Rulli's two-time emmy award winning program Generation Cross appeared on the station? I'm sure EWTN, like any good Christian network, would love to reach new viewers, and Lino's wallet is probably jonesing for some extra cash.

And since most people in this country get EWTN on their cable systems, it would mean that all of us could enjoy Generation Cross each week! It seems like a win-win situation.

Here is EWTN's email address for programming suggestions:

I sent them an email, and will continue to do so suggesting they add Lino's show to their programming lineup. I ask that you send them an email as well. If enough people email them, who knows what might happen?

It would be a real blessing. Lino Rulli's work on TV and radio is very inspiring, entertaining, and spiritually nourishing. Everyone would be blessed to see his show.

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5 Responses to Generation Cross on EWTN

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I'm a new listener. Just stumbled onto the show now that Lino's on XM. The show is crazy funny and I find myself driving slower, and intentionally getting lost, just so I can spend more time in the car. :)

    I've never seen his tv show, but if its anything like the radio show I'd love to see it! But I doubt ewtn would air something like that. From what I can tell that's Lino's appeal: He's not preaching to the old people in the choir. Nonetheless, I'll write 'em.

  2. It's such a great show, a real bargain for $10 on his website. But no Lou on the show :(.

    Glad to have you as a new listener, and thanks for stopping by the blog!

  3. You're very likely never to hear or see Lino Rulli on EWTN television or radio, at least long as he's working for The Catholic Channel. I'd like to say more, but I can't remember how much Lino's revealed on the air and how much of it I've learned "off the record."

  4. Still doesn't hurt to ask. Maybe they could make him "an offer he can't refuse." :)

  5. Jasmin says:

    You have probably seen Generation Cross on Boston Catholic TV...

    EWTN does not, unfortunatly, carry Lino.

    You can find as well reruns of Generation Cross on Salt + Light Television, Canada's Catholic Network.

    Love that show.