Thanksgiving with XM listeners

What difference a year makes!!!! A year ago at holiday gathering I was telling everyone who would listen about this great new radio program I discovered. "Speak Now with Dave and Susan Konig". Just kiddin', of course it was TCGS. My enthusiasm was met with polite smiles and condescending, distracted nods.

But man, yesterday at Thanksgiving, the XM relatives came runnin'. Flush with excitement. "You were so right!!!! Lino is so great. Lino Rulli this, Lino Rulli that and Lino Rulli yada yada yada". Catholic Guy conversation helped carry the day through the doldrums of 3 lousy football games.

It was so neat to see their enthusiasm. We've all felt it. The first few times we listened to the show. Day one, thinking "Hey that was cool" but not sure why? Tune in again, "Hey I'm really starting to like this". By day three, "Where has a show like this been all my life? Thank You God!!!!!"

Not that the show needed a recharging in anyway. The new XM listeners bring alot of energy to the show. They have definitely made me aware of how blessed I have been over the last year and a half. How at times I may have taken for granted the show always being there. Reminding me of the tension ever good fan feels in August when contract renewal time rolls around. Yeah, XM dudes, Lino is on a year to year contract and he makes us sweat it out ever year. So if XM has that lifetime plan like Sirius tries to push. Don't buy it because TCHS might not always be on. Heaven Forbid!!!!

One final thought. Sometimes just little things remind me of why I like Lino. We are so similar in so many ways. Case in point this week. One of Lino's random thankfullness. Lino said he was thankful for and likes a good fork. A stout fork. I have been that way for years. The silverware we use daily in our house is a hodge podge mix of about 10 different varities. But the kids know Dad only likes two of the forks. The manly forks. Not those thin, flimsy, femine, little pieces of tin. But something with some weight to it. If either of these forks aren't set for me. I will make the effort to find one, wash it, and then eat. My wife thinks I'm odd. But now I have Lino to back me up. To show I'm as normal as he is.

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving with XM listeners

  1. Hey, thanks for the pic of the Pope bottle opener. It looks classier than the way I pictured it.

  2. dominique says:

    Lino said you would be posting his mother's recipe for mini popovers.

  3. We sent him an email, asking for the recipe in written form, since I was at work and was not able to take down the recipe, but nothing back. I guess Lino is selfish and wants popovers to himself!

  4. I feel you Doug. I try to tell people in RCIA about it, but they just nod politely, glued to their (dare I say it, inferior?) EWTN.

    If they'd just give TCC a chance, I know they'd love it. Maybe for next year's Christmas, I'll buy everyone a SiriusXM radio.