Becoming Lino Rulli's boss

I am no expert. Ask me to name 10 popes, and I'll probably come up six short. Put an algebra textbook in front of me, and I'll recoil in horror/stupidity (and immaturely laugh at the word "bra" being in algebra). As Lynnrd Skynnrd sang long ago, I'm just a simple man.

However, one thing I know I need to do is start investing in my future. Financially speaking, that is. And me not knowing much about stocks and mutual funds, I've put it off for a few years.

But then I got curious, and wondered what SiriusXM's stock price was. I was expecting it to be around $9-10, but was horrified to see it at 12 cents a share on Friday.

With such a low price, maybe it's foolish to invest in Sirius right now. I can't answer that, but I had $70 left over from Christmas shopping, and thought, why not? So I ended up buying 500 shares of stock from Sirius.

Now I don't expect to get rich, but the pre-dominant thought in my mind was, "With this stock, I am a shareholder in the company. Which technically makes me Lino's boss, since I have ownership in the Satellite Radio company (yes I know that the New York Archdiocese funds The Catholic Channel, but they don't have stock on the market to buy)." Just that thought makes it worth buying stock in SiriusXM.

I think it would be fun if all the listeners bought a handful of shares in SiriusXM, that way we could say we were Lino's boss. I did it on, and making a purchase cost me $9.95, along with the price of stocks. So for $15, you could get 33 shares of SiriusXM, then have the joy of knowing that Lino answers to you :)

I'm no expert, but I had a lot of fun.

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2 Responses to Becoming Lino Rulli's boss

  1. Interesting idea. I had a friend of mine tell me the other day that satellite radio would never last. I was absolutely horrified!!!!!!!

    Also, is the word verification "populo" on purpose?

  2. Some people try to say that satellite radio will die, due to people wanting to choose THEIR music through ipods or whatnot. But I think satellite radio will survive, due to niche channels like TCC, and big name things like major league baseball, the NFL, and so forth.

    I honestly think the stock will pick up, so I'm going along for the ride. And its a nice way to support a company that has given me so much joy :)