Lino Rulli on Next Wave Live

I did some digging, and found Lino Rulli on EWTN's radio show called Next Wave Live (Radio for the Next Generation) from Sept. 14, 2006 (that's pre-Catholic Guy Show). Pretty good interview (although it was over the phone, so Lino's voice quality isn't the best), with Lino mostly discussing questions of faith from callers for nearly an hour.

The female host, Stephanie, on the show was pretty good. Sounded very cute too!

"You have a lot of fans in the EWTN audience," she said. And the show is broadcast on EWTN. Lino Rulli on EWTN. I think that is ample proof that God exists.

The link is here. It's an mp3 file that you can save to your computer. If you've ever wanted to hear Lino talk straight faith for an hour or so, this is your ticket.

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2 Responses to Lino Rulli on Next Wave Live

  1. If we're going that route, yup, Stephanie at NWL is pretty cute. :)

  2. Wow, thank you for that link Dan. Stephanie Wood is gorgeous!