New "Lino Watch" site debuts

There’s a new Lino Rulli fan blog out there called "Lino Watch" which you can find at

The original blog entry on Lino Watch clearly says that the intent is not to be in competition with No worries here. I definitely don’t see it as competition. I refuse to take the Rabid EWTN loyalist type attitude, believing that we should be the only game in town. I say, the more blogs about Lino, the better!

It’s worth noting, however, that Gus Lloyd was the original owner of the domain name "" Gus had purchased the domain in retaliation for Lino buying up and forwarding it the Unofficial Lino Rulli Fan Club. But keep in mind that, when a domain name expires, anyone can buy it.

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1 Response to New "Lino Watch" site debuts

  1. I really enjoy the site. The guy does have a good sense of humor, and will motivate us to keep posting, lest Lino never promote us again :(