A letter to Kathy

After hearing of Lino's alleged engagement via text message, you, Kathy from Woodberry, Minn. wrote in to say that, out of respect of Lino's engagement, you could no longer listen to the show, and wished him well, and said goodbye.

Kathy, you are my favorite caller. You manage to keep up with Lino in ways none of us could ever dream of, and always provides a great 5 minutes of radio. And to lose this, it sucks.

Kathy, Lino's done things I haven't agreed with, that made me question listening to the show (the walkout this summer, for example, or the many Lino's whistling segments). But the thing that keeps me listening is the knowledge that Lino and crew give 110 percent effort through all ups and downs, and it shows: The Catholic Guy is the best program I listen to, both on radio and on TV.

I have no idea why you don't want to listen to the show anymore. You have your reasons, and I respect that. But I think you should reconsider. Your calls are an integral part of the show, and myself, along with many others, will miss them greatly. Please don't let a disagreement you have with the host of the show keep you away for good.

Please come back Kathy. We need you!

- dustin.

Edit: Kathy called into Tuesday's show, and was just as entertaining as usual. She said she was calling in "for dustin," so it looks like someone reads this blog! It looks like we have Kathy back, who clarified that she "couldn't flirt with Lino" anymore as the reason why she couldn't listen anymore (although that's a terrible reason to boycott Lino Rulli, it makes sense as a reason to not call).

In the spirit of random thankfulness, I thank God that Kathy (at least temporarily) has returned.

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2 Responses to A letter to Kathy

  1. oskiwow says:

    lino just asked *lou* to marry him.


    (lou said, "for the record... NO."

  2. corbin says:

    kathy called in tuesday everything is good. i have to admit i would rather hear kathy and lino go at it than to hear linos stories (yawn) of his girlfriend.i like the way she gives him what he deserves.i can just see the two of them working together, what a show.