Insert Kyle's Mom from South Park screaming WHA-WHA-WHAT?

Did Lino Just say he got engaged or did I hear something? Is this going to be a 3 hour tease?

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8 Responses to LINO ENGAGED????

  1. oskiwow says:

    i heard that too!

    (now my ears are scratched from Suzie's call)

    congrats Lino!

  2. oskiwow says:

    he just elaborated. i think it counts.

    congrats Lino!!!

  3. Crap. I pick the worst days to go work and not be able to listen live. Congrats, Lino!

  4. Kate says:

    Holy Crap.

    (can I say that here?)

  5. I think it's real. He wouldn've mentioned it if it wasn't real.

    Everyone's favorite caller, Kathy from Woodberry, Minn., even wrote in to say she wasn't listening anymore because of the engagement. Lino didn't mention it being a gag or not real.

    On that note, we'll really miss you Kathy. You were one of the best callers.

  6. corbin says:

    no kidding, I think he will lose a very important person in the cath pack if she stops calling in and listening. Shes the only one that has him figured out and can give a run for his money.They should fly her in to New York, what a match that would be.

  7. I've become cynical about Lino. I can't believe he actually did this. The first thing I thought of was that he and said girlfriend had been talking about marriage and he came up w/ this "bit" and cleared it up w/ her ahead of time. If so, its a good bit. If not, his girlfriend is very patient. Or not.