Looking ahead to 2009

With a solid 2008 behind us, we look ahead to 2009.

I have a few predictions for the show. I'm sure other members of this blog will post with their five predictions, but for now, these are my own.

In 2009...
• Lino and the girlfriend will stay together, and their relationship will really grow and flourish under God's guidance. There will still be the occasional fight, including one that Lino will mention on air that "could" end the relationship. But that won't happenn.

• Lou will get a sweet guitar gig. Lou plays the guitar, but we've never heard a sample of his work. I predict that sometime in 2009, someone will pay Lou real money to play guitar at a club or something similiar.

• Christine will get a boyfriend this year. We try to refrain from talking about Christine, due to the fact that this blog is run by a handful of dudes who sound creepy speculating on the life and times of Christine Lloyd. But I predict that Christine will find romance this year, and that we'll hear entertaining stories about it on the air.

• Producer Jared Rizzi will take the show into uncharted territory as far as success is concerned. However, tragedy will strike when Notre Dame loses all of its games, causing him to actually miss two days of work due to the pain and sickness it brings.

• One member of the show will quit before 2010.

• We will see a 7-0 Fr. Jim victory over Lino in Who's More Catholic.

• Lino will get that tattoo of John Paul II's crest.

• Lino will be invited to Maureen's wedding, and the stories will be infinite in greatness.

• This show will be better than ever in 2009.

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