Fine Meat There!

A bit of trivia: the Australian man who said "that's some fine meat there" is the Australian Catholic Guy! Lino found him several years ago. I forget his name, but he's another Catholic Guy! I'm just too lazy to Google the rest of the info.

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4 Responses to Fine Meat There!

  1. He's Bruce Downes at

    Great trivia...didn't know he said that!

  2. Senior Pastoral Leader of City Impact Ministries in Perth, Bruce Downes

  3. Yes Dustin, Lino found him and had him on the show. At the time, the fine meat there was the big time catchphrase. It's not mint anymore!

  4. Jeremy says:

    Bruce Downes is the Senior Pastoral Leader of Impact Catholic Ministry (name changed a couple of years ago).

    I am a member.

    He played the audio - being interviewed by 'the American Catholic Guy' during the service - very funny