Lino's Vocation

I'd like to share my thoughts of how I think The Catholic Guy should live his life. I know earlier this week some people were sharing the idea that Lino become a Deacon.

Lino has shared his many hours of prayer and discernment of what he should do with his life. He stayed some time in monasteries. He's dated many women and now has a long-distance relationship. Now that one must be hard, but in the past Lino did a show on how he feels married couples should have separate bedrooms!

I think right now Lino should stay as he is. If God wants him to marry or enter the priesthood, I am sure He will supply the grace and the opportunity. I must share that one time early in the show Lino said "I would love to be a priest." There was something in the way that he said that that caught my heart.

Lino is definitely a person who needs his space. If he were married and had children, that would certainly curtail his traveling that he loves so much! I remember when he first started his show on TCC, he had a hard time getting used to having a regular job with regular hours. But he did adjust and right now I think he's got the best gig (to quote the dog and pony show guy.)

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1 Response to Lino's Vocation

  1. Elaine you could not be more right with your observations. Lino is a great radio personality and this is where God wants him now. If you listen long enough Lino is a very private person as well so being a priest or deacon may be out of the question.
    I think he will be married soon enough but as for children well God help them if he does!