Lino at Large

I'm so glad Dustin added a way to access the "Lino at Large" podcasts! This show does broadcast about 12:30 AM on TCC, but I'm usually to sleepy to listen. So now I have an iPod. Today I decided to listen to "Lino at Large" while I was on the treadmill at the YMCA to make the time go faster. So here I am, in my lunchlady uniform, trying desperately not to laugh. I didn't succeed, either, with all those men around. I just broke out laughing like an idiot, especially during a segment called "Lou's Little Thing(s)" Lino, baby, you're not safe! One time you were goofing Gus Lloyd after his bike was stolen from his open garage. My daughter was in the car begging me to turn off the radio because I couldn't control myself!

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  1. Kip says:

    Here's a quick tip. I have always downloaded Lino at Large this way. I go to the USCCB website. I type in the search box "Lino at Large Nose", and the first result is always what I am looking for! Try it once for yourself.

    Eric in Alexis