Linos Mom

My favorite Person called in. Thats right Linos Mom. O.K. O.K. so we had a little disagreement about the movie Mamma Mia. I still like her, she's funny and she makes Lino nervous on the air and anyone that can do that is good in my book. To bad her phone went out when it did, I think we were just getting to the good part, (making Lino so uncomfortable) . I wish she would call in at least once or twice a month just to check in.
As for prayer at the dinner table she shouldn't feel so bad alot of people don't do it and it's never to late.

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3 Responses to Linos Mom

  1. It's always mint to hear from Mama Rulli! Lino, I just wish you'd let your mother finish talking! :p You break in before she barely says anything!

    Mama Rulli, you're a great Catholic Mom! You are a very devout person, and I know that you have a great deal to offer, especially since you worked with young people for many years. If Ron had any sense he'd realize there's live shows on EWTN Radio on Saturdays and give you a spot.

    Just make sure you have a fully charged up phone next time, so you don't become "Bad Connection Mom."

  2. P.S. What I mean about EWTN Radio, they have two live shows on Saturdays while we get reruns. If Ron had any sense of competition, he'd give you a spot on TCC.

  3. John Volz says:

    I thought I heard someone (Jared?) actually say "Bad Connection Mom". I thought it was mint and was windering why Lino didn't pick it up first. I'll agree with Elaine, It's always great to hear from Lino's Mom