Music Segment on Yesterday's Show

Yesterday's show had an interesting music segment, with DJ Kayla from Sirius Octane attempting to provide Lino with a "music makeover."

For those unfamiliar with DJ Kayla, here's her bio from the Sirius Christian Music site:

Kayla has often said, “I don’t want a career, I just want to be a mom.” Well, being a mom will come in time, but right now a career has definitely found Kayla. She’s now been on satellite radio since 2002. “If you can’t do anything else, be kind,” is a quote from St. Theresa that Kayla has come to love. She feels that on the air she can help to give back even if it’s just to brighten someone’s day. You can also hear Kayla on Octane and Classic Rewind. She keeps busy but still manages to volunteer with the high school kids at her church and have fun. Make sure you check out spiritROCKS Friday nights and turn the music nice and loud!"'

She also has her own fan following called the Kayla Brigade.

Overall, another quality segment add to the Catholic Guy Show. (Honestly, when I heard the mention that Kayla was "single" during the segment, I was hoping for a possible Lino-Kayla love connection, but I could not hear any sparks flying during the segment. Maybe Kayla is too tough a gal for Lino... but one can always hope and pray for our favorite Italian pazzo!)

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