A reminiscing...

About 10 months ago, I got a reply from Lino about an idea I had.  He replied: "Mike, Thanks for the idea and I really like it. Maybe its something we can roll out next week..." and then he went on to say some other stuff about how busy he is.  (per ususal)

I then replied telling him "Please don’t use my dumb idea, though.  It was an attempt at a pun and is quite vulgar if you read carefully"

The idea I originally submitted?   "Lino, Hot and controversial topics like 'Music at the Mass'  and 'Proper Church Attire'  and 'Liturgical Hand holding'  should be clumped into a new segment called 'The Catholic Guy Mass Debates'. Whadda ya think?”  

So, all you would be Catholic radio hosts, be careful!  There's people out there who will try to make funny, but aren't scrupulous enough to ultimately let you in on the gag.  To his credit Lino sent a follow-up message thanking me for pointing my joke out, because putting that segment up would likely have gotten him fired..

Lino, If having an innebriated John Zmirak on-air  just before Lent doesn't get you fired, nothing will.

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1 Response to A reminiscing...

  1. Too bad. I'd love to hear Lino mass debate on the air. Maybe Lou could get into it too. And we could all mass debate at home!