TCGS Patron Saint Tourney

Thanks to Jared for sending me the results from yesterday. It was fun to here the dialogue between Fr. Rob & Lou, as Lou advocated saints who were "less than obvious" choices for the show, whereas Fr. Rob was more willing to pick the more significant saint ("St. Jude v. St. Dymphna -- c'mon! ").
Sadly, the segment was filled with more opportunities to mock or otherwise (lovingly) tease Jared.
Sadly, I laughed at those instances the most.
Bravo, Lino! Bravo, Lou! Bravo, Fr. Rob! Brava, Christine!
Bravo, Jared!

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2 Responses to TCGS Patron Saint Tourney

  1. I actually learned quite a bit about the Saints when they did it that way.That was alot of fun to listen to. Jared is a good sport.

  2. I've got St. Paul vs. St. Padre Pio and St. Laurence vs. St. Jude in the Final Four. Padre Pio wil advance to play St. Jude, where he will lose, as the patron Saint of hopeless causes would fit the show like a glove.