What a week!

Intriguing week of shows this week. We had Fr. Jim destroying Lino by a final count of 8-2 in Who's More Catholic. I thought most of the shows this week were fantastic, with Thursday's show cracking me up.

Anyways, despite the craziness, I just wanted to reiterate that I still think the show needs a spiritual adviser. It's not a knock on the best show on Sirius Xm, but it's always good to have spiritual advice from someone who can really benefit you. I've been listening to the show for about a year now, and I really like what I'm hearing: a spiritual adviser is just a guarantee, somewhat, that I'll keep hearing it.

Also, this blog will be getting it's 11th (and possibly final) voice. You know her well: Cathy from Woodberry, Minn. Hopefully she can bring a pleasant attitude to the site! :)

We love you Lino. Even if it makes you squirm to hear that :)

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4 Responses to What a week!

  1. are you kidding with the "11th and final"?

    you know that biblically, that is just begging for a "12th"....

  2. I agree dustin. The purpose of a Spiritual Director is to help disern God's Will for what ever we are doing. Without it we are like a ship with no rudder. A program as important as TCG should not be lost at sea or it will sink.

  3. Thanks Dustin, I will try and be a good girl and be pleasant and at the same time maybe make Lino Squirm.Just a little please?

  4. Squirming Lino is fun Lino. See phone calls from his mom for more information.