Brett Siddell vs. Hot Sauce

While not relating to Lino at all, this video of Brett Siddell from Busted Halo eating Dave's Insanity Sauce (REALLY hot stuff) is too good to pass up. This video also confirms that it IS possible to get cameras in studio, as Robyn Gould, the executive producer of the channel, posted this.

We've GOT to have cameras in studio during those Who's More Catholic segments each Friday. This clip is evidence of how great it would be.

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3 Responses to Brett Siddell vs. Hot Sauce

  1. Very Cool! Brett is a great addition to TCC, and I always enjoy it when he's on Lino's show.

    He often makes me laugh until I'm crying, too.

  2. Brett shared wonderful news tonight...he went to Confession today! Ultra-mint!!

  3. Doug INK says:

    Thanks for posting that. It did make me laugh until I teared up. WAM!!!!!