Is Lino okay?

Is Lino okay? Here's why I'm asking:

Yesterday on Twitter: I am about to go to sleep. If I die before I wake my only regret is I never met Geraldo Rivera.

April 18th on Twitter:
I'm going to sleep. If I die in my sleep, my only regret is that I never got to meet Burt Reynolds.

Geraldo? Burt? Has Lino gone off the deep end?

Luckily today is Tuesday -- Free Therapy Tuesday!

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2 Responses to Is Lino okay?

  1. Yes, Lino is just fine.You have to think of him as being like a little boy, thats all.He really won't start to think of girls until he gets a little older, thats how he thinks,temper tantrums and all.Hes fine, really.

  2. kyley says:

    Are you sure he's o.k. he is thinking of guys and then he hangs up on one of the best callers ever (you Cathy)We don't get to hear enough of you on the air and what you say on face book is great. something is very wrong, but I would think it would be creepy wierd if he started talking about women that way, I hope he dosen't go down that road.Just when you think hes a Cary Grant, James Bond kinda guy he ruins it and turns into a Austin Powers or Larry the Cable guy.Who is Lino? Hmmm.