Live Show thoughts: "Favorite New Catholic"

Lino doesn't sound like he's enjoying this segment too much. Plus the stories are going a little long. We all know how short of an attention span Lino has.

But, then again, who can figure out how Lino thinks?

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3 Responses to Live Show thoughts: "Favorite New Catholic"

  1. kyley says:

    They were getting long alright. But I must say, Lino seemed to be in a good mood,for some reason.Hmmm.I wish I knew what he was thinking some of the time.

  2. Lino was thinking: cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching...

  3. Poor Lino... But you were the one who started it... I do have to admit that I enjoyed that my sister's story made the cut. She wants to know if she can call in and vote for herself, since I'm the one who nominated her.
    Hope the rest of your day is mintier!!!