"Is this what Catholic radio is like? ...You never see that on EWTN!"

A Pentecostal friend of mine on Facebook who's never heard of Lino Rulli or "The Catholic Guy" show listened to the YouTube clip from his Saturday dating game and commented:

Her: "Is this what Catholic radio is like? Cuz that was pretty funny. You never see that on EWTN!"

Me: "That's what LINO's Catholic radio show is like. And of course, since he diverges from boring people to tears with straight teaching, he is highly criticized."

Her: "I'd totally listen to that show."

I was really proud of Lino while listening to his special live Saturday broadcast from the Catholic Singles convention in California. I kept thinking to myself, "He gets it."

Lino's fans know this but it bears repeating: Lino attracts listeners who would never dream of listening to Catholic radio. He understands that radio is an entertainment medium. If most people are listening to the radio to be entertained, I’d much rather them be entertained by a radio station that comes from a Catholic or Christian perspective.

Lino is a major inspiration to me in both my pursuing a religious vocation and pursuing a career in Catholic media. Of course, ultimately, it’ll be God’s decision whether both of those ambitions will ultimately work hand-in-hand or whether I’ll be called to one or the other (or perhaps neither!).

I assume for every one of me, there’s plenty of other young guys who’ve been inspired by Lino to go into Catholic radio and try to present the faith in an entertaining and interesting way.

So, Lino, keep doing what you’re doing, my giant-nosed Italian friend. All of us (well, most of us) love you for it.

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2 Responses to "Is this what Catholic radio is like? ...You never see that on EWTN!"

  1. Mike says:

    I think Lino's show is great for it's entertainment value, but I don't agree with diminishing the value of other catholic media such as EWTN. I think that it is good to have both a show like Lino's, which provides entertainment and humor, and also shows that are more spiritual in nature and tackle some very important and real issues of our time in the Church and around the world.

  2. Kate says:

    The only reason I pay for sirius is for the Catholic Channel and the only reason I pay for cable TV is for EWTN. They can both peacefully coexist.