Lino's back on CC ( catholic channel)

Well, our vacation is over. It was relaxing, but now Linos back. (In about three hours of this writing) . At least we get to hear fresh shows which is always nice.We get to hear Lou and Jared and hear Christines laugh. Hopefully everyone stuck around and didn't stray over to that show called Sieze the Day, with that one guy,can't seem to think of his name. Anyway were glad to have Lino back and our lives can get back to normal. Welcome back Lino, we missed you, we really did, honest.

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1 Response to Lino's back on CC ( catholic channel)

  1. kyley says:

    I agree Cathy, it will be nice to hear new shows and everyone else on the show.Does he take a vaction every 2 months or something?I'm glad he kept us updated, because I know in the past it was "never any of our business" what he did.It was fun hearing about his day and how it went.Just little bits and pieces.