Blogging slow because...?

As many as you may have discovered, bloggers have been slow. I know that I haven't said anything in a long long time so I thought that since everything else lately has been covered, that this is a good, cute, blog idea. ;)

~Reasons for slow blogging~
1. warm weather
2. vacations
3. power-outs
4. internet down
5. computer not working
6. no ideas for topics
7. out of town
8. unavailable
9. on a date
10. out to dinner
11. family over
12. Church
13. reading the Bible
14. inventing something
15. studying for finals(me!-yes, I am one of the younger bloggers)
16. at a wedding
17. at the beach
18. in the mountains
19. working out
20. shopping
21. eating
22. sleeping
23. running
24. cleaning
25. in Confession
26. sick
27. reading
28. at a doctor's appointment
29. dancing
30. at a Graduation
31. in another state besides the one you live in
32. lost in the woods
33. buying a new pet
34. lost somewhere
35. working
36. driving
37. wishing on a shooting star
38. praying
39. going for a walk
40. watching a movie
41. swimming
42. watching tv
43. talking on the phone
44. taking a shower
45. in a long line somewhere...which isn't moving anytime soon
46. stuck in traffic
47. everything was all typed up, and it didn't appear on the screen even though that it was saved 1000 times
48. playing basketball
49. playing baseball
50. playing a sport period
51. reading & responding emails to friends
52. no signal
53. biking
54. website isn't working, but others are, like facebook & twitter
55. not sure what to say.
56. taking pictures
57. daydreaming
58. at school
59. listening to TCGS, but its a repeat, and another blogger wrote something about it
60. texting
61. listening to music
62. horse back riding
63. making finger puppets
64. memorizing the "friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears......" speech
65. studying spanish
66. doodling
67. painting
68. surfing
69. at a concert
70. using your iTouch for internet and can't blog on it

any more ideas?

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3 Responses to Blogging slow because...?

  1. 71 - saying Mass
    72 - hearing confessions
    73 - doing assorted priest stuff

  2. Ummm, we've heard Lino get a new girlfriend before, like two times?! Maybe we can take bets on how this turn out.....will it take the next logical step like it did with T.D.


  3. book says:

    74 - This is an unusual one. Helping my son get ready to move to Rome on July 19 to attend theology school at the North American College. Very time consuming but exciting for him!!