Well it's time to dust of the old keyboard and post something. Maureen is back and the show is MINT. Any listener who has been following the trials and tribulations of Lino and Lou's work environment, has to want to cheer this latest acquisition. Maureen brings a energy to the show that on a day to day basis was lacking over the past fifteen months. She seems to energize Lino and takes some of the witty dialogue burden off of Lou. She in many ways epitomize the Catholic Channel slogan, "Not What You Expect", because that's what you get from her. She is the willdcard. Not always relevant to the topic, but at times awkwardly truthful, Maureen's inputs are a catalyst that invigorates Lino to high levels of comedic brilliance. I have written in the past that my days are to busy to catch much of the show live. (Minor confession, I find myself getting envious of people who have the luxury to be around the phone during show and calling in regularly).

Anywoo, I have consistently gone to bed with Lino every night since first discovering (and recording) TCGS. Initially, this created problems when I would audibly laugh and wake my slumbering wife. I can honestly say that has not been an issue for awhile now. But since Maureen is back, I am futilely trying to stifle my laughter leading to an elbow to the ribs or a frustrated groan and roll over. Now, I find myself eagerly anticipating getting to listen to that day's show.

I applaud all. The bosses for hiring her back, Lino for the vision to see what needed to be done, for Maureen's humble and courageous return to some razing but knowing where she belongs. And of course, Lou for his overdue promotion and steady and consistent dedication to the show.

I feel I need to close with an analogy of some sort or Lino will mock me for excluding Lou to til the end. I'm not saying the show wasn't good when it was Lino and Lou and the stop over producers. It just lacked something. Let's use pizza for example, a cheese pizza is good, but with the right toppings, man, oh, man!!!!! Oh, heck mock away Lino, the show is back to being a "MUST LISTEN TO", I'll take on for the team.

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3 Responses to TCGS - Once Again "A MUST LISTEN TO"

  1. WOW, welcome back Doug in Kansas, we missed you!

  2. Is Maureen a Catholic "by culture" or Catholic "by definition"? I'm curious. I thought that she was raised Catholic but doesn't go to Mass (at least regularly).

  3. DIK - WHERE'VE YOU BEEN!!!! So glad to see you here