Bedroom Troubles and Prizes Won

Had a little trouble in the sack the other night. It's not the first time this has happened to me. You see the trouble is I pretty much go to bed with Lino Rulli every night. I record TCGS on my stilleto, that way I can listen to it at my leisure. My problem is at times I laughed out loud which leads to trouble. Over the weekend, I was catching up on some of the previous weeks shows. Just happened to be listening to the first installment of Mystery Homily Theater 3000. Totally, cracked my up. Technically, this should be a good thing. Actually, it's bad when your spouse is trying to get to sleep. Found out if my laughter last for more than 8 seconds I need to consult the couch.

The segment made me wonder if Father Jim was going to keep sending his sermons into the show to be mocked how long before it would start affecting the sermons themselves? Can Father write a homily without worrying about how it will be ridiculed on Mondays? I can empathize as often words written on this blog are misinterpreted, over analyzed and mocked by Lino and the crew. It can make one paranoid. BTW, maybe the next poll on this blog should be the odds of Father Rob sending in a sermon.

Finally, my Christmas wish has been completed. I won a Catholic Guy T-Shirt!!!!! Well, I guess technically, it will be complete when I actually get the prize. That is if it gets mailed out. So far in three years of listening, I received half the prizes I've won. The first popener I won on Let's make a Catholic Deal, never came. I then won a popeoner in a contest for having the most religious bathroom. Yeah, it was a contest. And yes, it should have been my wife's award. That one I had to pick up in NYC myself. I won a San Damiano Cross while playing Let's Make a Catholic Deal and producer Ryan Stewart quickly mailed it out. A few months back, I won another popener during a How Did the Saint Die? segment. Jared Rizzi said he'd talk to Lino about maybe giving me the toenail clipper/popeoner instead. Of course, I realize now that Jared was just a lame duck producer at the time, so just as in politics, little was going to be done.

As I type this I realize I might sound like a pretty greedy individual. Hogging all the prizes. Actually, I just have a great winning percentage. 100%!!!! If I call in, I win. Not bragging just truthful. That is the beauty of the stilleto, I can listen to the show more closely. Plus, I always try to send a gift back to Lino and the crew. So Maureen, Lou or whoever is in charge of sending prizes out if your reading this, there might be a little Christmas gift coming back your way.

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