Fr. Jim Sick!

First jury duty and now the flu! Fr. Jim is down for the count:

"no catholic guy show for me today... still fighting this cough/cold and the last thing I want is to get Lino sick and hear about it for the rest of my life..."

Still, we have an exciting show planned despite Lou and Fr. Jim's absence. Brett from the Busted Halo show will be filling in for Lou on the board, we'll play a little "What Is Truth?" AND there will be opportunities to win the super awesome Catholic Guy t-shirts. Woo hoo!

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1 Response to Fr. Jim Sick!

  1. Allicia says:

    that is possible the grossest picture I have seen in quite a while.

    I know I am looking forward to the show even if Fr. Jim is curled up in bed with a box of tissues. *brightside, Fr. Jim can listen to the show from home and not take the train to NYC.