Mystery Science Homily?

Today was the first installment of "Mystery Science Homily." For those of you who don't know what that means, this is a spin on a TV show from the 90's called "Mystery Science Theatre" where a man and his two robot buddies (pictured here) make critiques (usually ripping to shreds) movies as they are watching them.

So today Lino with Producer Maureen and Acting Catholic Channel Program Director Adam Hamway(filling in for the still-out-on-jury-leave Lou) basically did the same thing to my homily from last evening.

I must admit, I felt flashbacks of being in seminary and having my classmates "critiquing" my homilies back then. Not sure which group was worse.

When the dust had settled, the grade was averaged to a "solid B", with Lino being the most generous with a B +; Maureen (obviously still angered by my not giving her a kidney) grading it a B and Adam who went along with Maureen agreeing on her B grade.

If you'd like to read the homily, "OPRAH IS NOT EQUAL TO JESUS (Shocker isn't it)" - you can find it at

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