Old Tradition and New Friends

Every year at Thanksgiving dinner we say grace. We then go around the table and proclaim one thing we are thankful for. I have been putting a lot of thought into what I will say this year since generally my brothers steal the standards of family, food, and friends. I reflect on the past year and I realize I have an entirely new set of friends to be thankful for. I cannot recall the date I started listening to The Catholic Guy Show, however, I do know immediately fell in love with the show, the crew, and the other fans.

I would like to recognize the spot in my heart that is warmed by sharing faith and laughs with my extended Catholic Guy Show family. I am thankful this year for Lino, Lou, and Maureen for keeping me company many evenings, bringing laughter and a stronger understanding of faith to a previously ordinary catholic. I want to thank the other producers and staff currently and previously at the Catholic Channel who have worked hard to make this show a success. I am thankful for XM and Sirius having merged to bring me The Catholic Channel. I am thankful for the other listeners that I now can call my friends; I am quite getting to enjoy knowing them. I am entirely thankful for the opportunity to share my faith, love, and happiness with my new friends on air and off the air.

I pray each and every one of you have a truly happy and thankful holiday. For the fans that are not in the US, I pray you have a happy and thankful day. Be thankful for the things in life, I know I am.

With Love, Thanks, and a winking emoticon,

Ambassador Allicia ;)

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