What's ahead, Nov. 2-6

So Lino is back from Italy, and what we're presuming is a live show on Monday (although if I was him, I would have taken Monday off).

What can we expect this week?
• Lino should have plenty of stories about Italy. His mom was there, so we should get a dose of Mama Rulli. Plus, I'm sure Lino will wrap up his dad's visit (if his dad isn't still there on his couch).

• The Minnesota Vikings are undefeated this season (7-0) when Lino is in the country. When he was gone to Italy, they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Will Lino explain this phenomenon, and take credit for Minnesota's success?

• Is this the week the show gets a new phone screener? That's just speculation on my part, but it would be good timing to have the person start after Lino's vacation.

• Will Lino take advantage of Halloween candy on sale?

• Will Maureen book Brett Favre, a practicing Catholic, to be on the show?

• Will Lou do pushups for charity?

Tune in this week to The Catholic Guy to find out! 4-7 p.m. eastern on the Catholic Channel, Sirius 159 and XM 117!

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