Introducing The Lino Minute

When I worked at the Log Cabin Democrat, I spent a few months doing a daily news podcast. It was a lot of fun, and those memories made me want to try something similar.

Enter the Lino Minute. Each week, we'll find the top, hard-hitting Lino Rulli news, gathered from our vast sources (his Facebook and Twitter pages), and present them to you in one minutes time. After 15 hours of daily Lino and 27 minutes of podcasted Lino, I'm assuming that one minute of more Lino is all you can take.

I don't have the production skills or budget that Lou and Maureen have, so it's pretty bare bones. You can listen to the Lino Minute (on the right column under the Lino at Large podcasts) by clicking on the play button to bring up the player, or by right-clicking and saving the file to your computer.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for supporting our fan club. God bless ya brother!

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