The Lino Minute, 4-13-10

A brand new Lino Minute is available (on the right hand side). You can subscribe by visiting, search iTunes in the next few days, or by clicking on the little play button under these words.

Just have to give the standard disclaimer: The newest Lino Minute asks if he is more popular than Scott Hahn. I realize that Catholic radio shouldn't be a competition so much as it is a quest to spread the good news of God's love. So before you fire off any hate comments or accuse me of dragging Hahn through the mud, just take a deep breath: It's all in good fun.

Please refer to this disclaimer any time I ever infuriate you with a post on this site. I'm just a harmless Lino fan, who can be beat up by 90 percent of the world's population.

Thanks to people who actually listen to the podcast. It's a lot of fun to make.

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