*Mo-Day Monday*

Note: While Lino and crew are choosing his favorite new Catholic this week, we here at catholicguyshow.com are celebrating Crew Appreciation Week, with each day being dedicated to a member of the show. We here at the fan site wanted to show our appreciation by embracing Lino and his staff all week long.  

To best honor Maureen on her Official Appreciation Day I have composed a list of entirely untrue factoids about our beloved Maureen.

1. Maureen is neither “A Liberal” nor “A Democrat” but allows Lino to call her these things in order to receive a monthly hazard pay bonus in her paycheck.

2. Maureen is tone deaf. She has no sense of pitch and has no idea if her husband Danny is a good musician or just a guy who looks like he knows how to play the guitar.

3. While on hiatus from The Catholic Guy Show, Maureen headlined a production of “Oklahoma” in Iowa. The show was cancelled after a week due to lack of Irony.

4. Maureen fell in love with her husband after reading his biography “Danny and the Dinosaur” by Syd Hoff.

5. While running (you know, exercise) Maureen often imagines she is being chased by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to increase her speed.

6. In order to win a bet for $2, Maureen chewed up and swallowed a five dollar bill.

7. Maureen can be found manning a pretzel stand outside of FAO Schwartz on her days off, but will only answer to the name “Steve.”

8. Maureen has been unsuccessful at beating her 3 year old nephew in a game of Wii Tennis. She has, however; already choreographed her victory dance if she ever manages to win.

9. While doing research for her wedding, Maureen watched every episode of My Red-Neck Wedding available on CMT.

10. Maureen stayed up for 12 days straight just to win back stage passes to Milli Vanilli and MC Hammer at the Boston Garden. She had a blast, and even keeps the signed VIP pass on her nightstand.

Okay okay, all joking aside…

I am very happy to have a chick on staff at The Catholic Guy Show. All that testosterone was clogging up the airwaves. I feel a certain kinship with Maureen.

We are both from Massachusetts, which is WICKED AWESOME!

She worked for Martha Stewart; I want to be like Martha Stewart

She produced shows on NPR, I listen to NPR (well, on Sundays when I’m with my mother!)

She is the only girl working with two guys; I have two brothers (ok ok I’m stretching now) but I am so happy having Maureen back as a producer on the show. I didn’t get to listen to the show when Maureen was on staff the first time around; I was very excited when she came back. I loved hearing the replays of the “Good Ol’ Days” and looked forward to seeing what she brought to the Boys Club that was TCGS. Maureen has done such a great job bringing new life to the Lino and Lou duo. Those boys needed a woman around to keep them on the right path.

Maureen reminds me that you don’t have to have a Masters Degree in Theology or three Emmy Awards to have fun being a Catholic. It isn’t always about how much you know, but how you ask the question. (She also, unknowingly, helps me be a better Catholic by not knowing some things!)
Maureen, this one goes out to you. Thanks for all the laughs, I appreciate you!

Chicago - Along Comes A Woman
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Tomorrow: Lou's-Day Tuesday.

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