We are Family!

I'm a procrastinator....been meaning to post this for several days....

It's always pure joy when Lino's Mom calls in. For those who may have missed it, Mama Rulli lovingly offered to host part of Lino's show to save his voice, which was suffering from allergies. Mama R is just a natural, wonderful, down-to-earth Mom who loves her son. She has a wonderful sense of humor, no wonder why we find Lino so funny!

Later on Lino called his Pops to wish him a happy birthday. Mr Rulli is also very witty and unique. We fans love to hear Lino's family because they give us a flavor of what Lino is all about.

This ties in later with Lino's wonderful defense of the Holy Father against the media's criticism of the sex abuse scandal. Lino did a wonderful job of defending the church. What I mean is, we are all family with our talents, quirks, even faults and sins. But we need to look at the whole picture. Good and bad, we're all part of God's church!

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