*Winners-Day Wednesday* My Beloved Buffoon

Note: While Lino and crew are choosing his favorite new Catholic this week, we here at catholicguyshow.com are celebrating Crew Appreciation Week, with each day being dedicated to a member of the show. We here at the fan site wanted to show our appreciation by embracing Lino and his staff all week long.  

How many people would make me lose my pride and allow me to make a fool of myself and enjoy it? Well, there's one man, and that's the Catholic Guy, Lino Rulli.

For example, today my dog was taking me for a walk and I had my Sirius Stiletto tuned to 159, of course! Lino was talking with Mark Hart, The Bible Geek about Abraham and Sarah getting it done at age 90, conceiving their son. Well, Lou, our intrepid assistant producer and engineer, was inserting Lino's classic audio "I can't do it, my back hurts." Here I am, out in the road with my big dog pulling me, I'm hysterical laughing, and one of the "cool" students where I work is showing off playing basketball. And I'm losing it!

How did this begin? Several years ago, Sirius approached His Eminence Edward Cardinal Egan about a Catholic Radio station. Things pulled together, and Lino, who is always discerning, had just gotten let go by "Elephant Radio" when the opportunity arose for an afternoon drive spot. It took a little convincing, the name was changed from "Happy Hour with Lino Rulli" because Cardinal Egan saw where a show like this would appear to young people who weren't necessarily into holiness. And having listened from the beginning, I can tell you folks, it works and it works well!

Before TCC started, Sirius had a web page up with the personalities who'd be on the channel. Lino Rulli was the only one I recognized. I do remember seeing him on a short segment on "Life on the Rock" on EWTN some time back. I'd listened to his old radio show online once and actually didn't care for his self deprecating humor! Can you believe that? But it turned out that giving him a fair chance, I was hooked in no time.

When the channel first aired, the late Fr.  Paul Keenan was considered the lead show. Unfortunately, people weren't going for a late night call in advice show. This was sad to me, but that's how it happened. Before long, Lino's three hour show was re-running at early morning. At that time, we often willingly woke up with him!

Lino's humor has done so much to attract people to the Catholic Faith. His love for Confession has done an awesome job of bringing back untold many to that great Sacrament! It's genius to me, and inspired, how many of the crew are not Catholic or very active in the Catholic faith currently. We even had a beloved agnostic, Tom Falcone, who is very talented but moved on to make a fortune in software sales.

One of the audience's favorites, and mine too, is when Lino's Mom calls in! We love "Mama Rulli" and it's easy to see where Lino gets his ardent Catholic faith and humor from. By the way, Lino, I always "get" your mother! It's an unspoken language we women have. Mama Rulli has a great radio voice and reminds me of a classic-type TV Mom. "Pops" Rulli has been on a few times, including the very beginning of the show, and he also has a great radio voice. He is a source of humor and affection to Lino and the audience. Lino has great parents, that's a great way to get a good start in the faith.

So, I've been listening from the beginning and I'm still hooked! Yes, there's plenty of other good show out there, but I'm just plain hooked on Lino. I've always liked his regular, approachable look. And he's "S M R T" too! Many thanks for all the fun, laughs, and faith, Lino and crew! We love you!

Tomorrow: "Thirsty Thursday" with Fr. Rob!

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