Wi fi beyond Lino ;-)

I was driving home today when World Beyond Lino came on regarding free wi fi at Starbucks starting July 1. Lino rightfully wondered why anyone would bring their good computer there to be exposed to others' careless coffee cups.

I do have to beg to differ a little with Lino on this....I love it when free wi fi is available at different places I stop. Why????? Well, darn it, so I can listen to Lino, of course! I have satellite radio at home and in the car, but you need something else in between! No, I don't bring in my laptop, but I have my handy dandy iPhone! 3G isn't worth much to listen to the Sirius stream....and you really can't catch the satellite signal in a building. So thank goodness for free internet.

Many's the time I've sat with the family, and had to bust out laughing for no reason! Yes, I was using free wi fi for LINO! One Friday afternoon about a year ago, I was guiltily lurking around a bookstore so I could catch the now defunct Who's More Catholic.

So as long as we have the app for our Smartphones, surely it's ok to use free wi fi to listen to Lino, at least!

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