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Since today's show is a "BEST OF" Catholic Guy we at wanted to bring you something that could fill a bit of your afternoon Lino time.

Krista the Intern's last day was Friday. She did such a great job interviewing the crew I decided to send an interview her way. I did not edit her answers even though I really wanted to mess around with what she said about the crew!

Ambassador Allicia:What has been the best part of working with The Catholic Guy Show?

Krista The Intern: DEFINITELY getting to know Lino, Maureen and Lou. They have been nothing but gracious from day one. My favorite was the Lock In show when we all went dinner together and then to Lino's many great stories and moments that I will never forget.

AA:What has been the worst?
KTI:There's a helpless feeling in studio when something goes wrong, and though you can see them get frustrated, you can't do anything to help. It's the worst because I wish I COULD help, but there usually isn't any way many things with live radio are out of your hands.

AA:What do you want to be “when you grow up?”
KTI:I wish I really knew, hahaha. I used to have a pipe dream of being an Erin Andrews type sideline reporter, but the more I do "actual reporting" through school, the more I dislike it, haha. That said, I love sports and would love to work for some kind of sports tv/radio talk show one day. Or work for Disney as a writer or Imagineer, heh.

AA:To steal a question from your “Intern Report” we want you to describe yourself in three words.
KTI:Sarcastic, ambitious, creative.

AA:Has your TCGS experience changed your opinion about broadcast journalism?
KTI:It's confirmed many things I love about the field, really. I enjoy talking to and entertaining people, and working on a show that combines that with faith is awesome. Most importantly though, it has taught me to think out of the box with what I want to do once I graduate. I hope I can find a job that I enjoy as much as I've enjoyed this internship...or, at least a job. Haha.

AA:What is different than you expected from listening to the show to now being on the show? Has it changed your opinion about The Catholic Guy Show and crew?
KTI:I know Lino jokes about it often, but it is really DIFFICULT to create three entertaining hours of Catholic radio every day. I completely underestimated that, and I give these three all the credit in the world for pulling it off. Other than that, I love their off air humor even more than I thought I would. It solidified how much I liked the show and them, overall.

AA:What did you find to be the biggest difference you noticed between school and interning?
KTI:The biggest difference was that it felt less like work and more like fun. I looked forward to going into work every day, which naturally isn't always the case with school. But I have to give Syracuse University all the credit in the world, they definitely prepared me well (even though I'm only halfway done with school)!

AA:Did you go to that far away land of New Jersey while you were in NY and WHY?
KTI:I DID! In fact, I even went to the Jersey Shore (gasp). A good friend of mine from Syracuse lives in Jersey, so I went to visit him a few times. It actually wasn't that harrowing of a place. Crazy, I know.

AA:What will you miss most about NYC? What will you miss least?
KTI:I will miss the job most, I'm really going to miss working for Lino, Maureen and Lou. As far as the city goes, I'm going to miss the overall ambiance of the whole place. It's the center of the world in many ways, and I'm going to miss the "I've made it" feeling, ha. That said, there are a ton of sketchy people in this city that I won't miss. Lou and I often joke that I'm apparently too midwestern and approachable, haha. I've gotten everything from creepy men lecturing me on how my sandals don't provide me proper arch support, to salespeople hounding me in the park, to a random guy on the street asking me out after calling me beautiful...this place is nuts. Returning to the suburbia of Ohio will be refreshing.

AA:I won’t ask you to rank the crew, but can you tell us something you’ve discovered about each of the crew members that you never would have known if you hadn’t spent weeks interning for them?
KTI:Hahaha, let's see...
Lino saves all his best stories for the air, and he'll only tease them a tiny bit to the crew beforehand (unless it's important or something). For example, we didn't know he quit the sleep study until during the show. OR that there'd be an entire segment devoted to my love life. So most of the reactions you hear from the crew, especially during personal Lino stories, aren't staged in the least. Also, he can really play piano well, and he played some Billy Joel for us in his apartment.

Maureen is such a positive person and hard worker. Lino is very much a perfectionist with the show (not saying that as a negative, in fact I think it's why the show is successful) and Maureen keeps up with him every step of the way. Also, random fact, she really wants to go to the Holy Land someday.

Not to suck up, but Lou is a complete sweetheart, haha. A perfect example is that we had a rough show in my first week, and everyone was kind of in a bad mood afterwards. It happens, no big deal. But later, Lou contacted me to apologize for the bad day and said how he hoped it didn't ruin the way I viewed the show/internship. That really meant a lot to me. It also amuses me how he's somewhat of a mystery to some of his co-workers, even Maureen or Lino. And he cried during Wrestlemania 6 when Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan.

AA:Finally, Is there anything you want to share, anything you want to tell the world while you have the chance?
KTI:I'd like to thank Buzz for not thinking I'm a total crazy person and for being a good sport with this whole "Intern love" thing. It all started when I casually mentioned our dinner to Maureen and Lou...and then Lino heard...and then it became a whole segment about how we're head over heels in love (as I found out on-air, hahaha). While it was all hilarious, I was pretty worried at first that Buzz would think I was a nutcase. Luckily, everything worked out. Though we aren't in love, okay? :P

And finally, I cannot thank Lino, Maureen and Lou enough for everything they've done for me. They're the best bosses (and, in some cases, friends) that I could ever ask for. I'll miss them dearly, but they've already invited me back anytime, so perhaps I will see them again soon. :)

AA:Enjoy the rest of your summer Krista, cause next up is the real world.

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