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I can't sleep so I figured why not spend a little time with Lino. Yes, I am aware that sounds slightly creepy, but that is why it got your attention!

crew working

I am LOVING having a podcast of TCGS available at itunes. I know, I know, we took the section off the fan site... but we did that for good reason. We want everyone who listens to it to go directly to it(link located under Lino's head.) We want you to subscribe to the podcast, which ensures automatic downloads of the newest shows without having to click! We support laziness if it brings you closer to God or to Lino Rulli. Secondly, while you are there subscribing like a good Lino Fan you will be able to post an amazingly awesome review of the show. Most of us have simply stumbled upon Lino and his work in one way or another, imagine if someone had told you how much better your life would be with Lino in it right as you were discovering him. We can do that for others by leaving a review on itunes about the wonderful content that Catholic Guy Show Podcasts provides.

I have to admit though, it is hard for me to fall asleep listening to the show. I always wake up wondering who's talking in my house. It isn't often I have hairy Italians telling me good night stories about Rome and the Bahamas.

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  1. In the beginning, I mainly listened at night during the school year...nothing quite like dozing off or trying to do homework to "What's Lino Whistling?" at 2am.