Lino said something: The "He's crazy!" edition!

I always like it when Lino says "I just said something." It's always humorous, and it usually comes after he makes a really great spiritual point.

However, on Monday's show, he really did say something. And it was nutso.

For those who weren't listening (shame on you), he dedicated the show to a beautiful woman he saw at daily mass. Dark, handsome, the way he described her, you'd think he peered into the future and was describing the woman he'll eventually marry. I imagined her looking like this.

So picture that woman sitting in Mass. Lino, ever single, decides to go talk to her. After all, she's beautiful, and loves the faith enough to go to Mass. Perfect start to a relationship, right?

Not so fast. When Maureen asked if he talked to her after Mass, Lino scoffed and said that he never talks to girls at Mass.

Lino, are you crazy???

I rolled my eyes when I heard him say that. I really do think that Lino is called to marriage, and he's made it clear that having someone who shares his faith is important. So why not talk to a girl at Mass? I think he'd be more successful doing that instead of talking to someone at a bar, on a dating web site, on the Subway, etc.

We love you Lino. And so does God. MAYBE, just maybe, He put her at that Mass for a reason.

Here's hoping and praying that Lino drops the foolish rules that his brain makes up next time he sees her in church.

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